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Ann Dalton

CEO & Founder


Ann Dalton started Perfectly Posh back in 2011. She brings a strong background in product development, design, promotion, events, and a passion for pampering with the BEST ingredients and USA-made products. Ann also brings almost two decades of entrepreneurship, and nearly a decade of working with other women who own businesses in the social selling model.

She is a workaholic with a love for seeing other women create and build their lives on their own terms. Ann loves old movies, art, and history. She and her husband Justin have been married for nineteen years. Together they enjoy spending time with their three sons finding new adventures in sports, travel, food, and keeping up with Perfectly Posh.

As the company grows, Ann’s vision is to see it increasingly become a trend-setting national brand that redefines what it means to own a social business. At the same time, Posh is raising the bar on skincare quality and fun standards in a real-world setting: everyone needs Perfectly Posh, not just direct sellers! She has a focus innovation and relevant business strategies that work in today’s fast-changing world, while keeping an eye on the pampering purpose of the brand. Ann is fixed on continuing to share the notion that you deserve to be pampered. She knows that when you take care of yourself for just a few minutes, you’re better able to take care of all the other things you’re passionate about.

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